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Mag. Jan Sramek
Mag. Jan Sramek
  After the completion of the degree in legal studies at the University of Vienna, a considerable number of terms in German philology and history of arts and some side trips into other humanities, it was a great stroke of luck to be able to learn the craft of publishing at Springer WienNewYork from its former managing director and to obtain the full scale know-how to realise a life’s dream: The founding of own publishing house dedicated to legal literature.
Curriculum breve at Springer WienNewYork:  
Editor Law
Head of editorial department  
Temporary head of the department “scientific information”
Registered manager and finally managing director of Springer WienNewYork and the scientific bookstore Minerva.
Since 2008 eponymous proprietor of Jan Sramek Verlag KG.
  Jan Sramek Verlag KG: The team
Mag. Sabine Warschitz
Mag. Sabine Warschitz
  After the completition of the degree in legal studies at the University of Vienna in 2002 and completition of the practical year at different courts in Austria I began to work for the big publishing house SpringerWienNewYork.  
Curriculum breve at Springer WienNewYork
2004-2006 Junior Editor for Law and Economics
2006-2008 Senior Editor for Law and Economics
Since April 2009 staff member of the Jan Sramek Verlag KG team.
  Jan Sramek Verlag KG: The team
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